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Why choose Mutual Equity?







Here at Mutual Equity Holdings, we take pride in separating ourselves from the old school mentality of debt collectors. We do this by focusing on compliance and accountability.  In this highly regulated industry it is essential to maintain a strong road map for success in not only collecting debts but in following the regulations and  best practices set forth for protecting debtors from illegal debt collection activities.  

Mutual Equity Holdings utilizes the rules and best practices set forth by the CFPB, FTC, TCPA, HIPPA and FDCPA to protect the debtor and the creditor in regards to collection activities . We will follow your debt placements from beginning to end to ensure the collection activities being used are compliant with todays rules and regulations.  

We are best in managing and auditing the debts owed to businesses and consumers to ensure high recovery rates all while following regulations both state and federally in this highly regulated industry.

Obviously no company can guarantee the collectibility of any particular debt.  However whether you have current debts placed for collection, or are researching your options for debt collection Mutual Equity Holdings has a solution for you.  We work hard to ensure we limit your risk and maximize your reward.  Thinking of collections? Think Mutual.  

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